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Name: Kelly
Age: 22
Location: Texas, USA
E-mail: Top Secret

Do you collect anything? Bones
Do you like makeup & hair stuff? Very rarely.
Any piercings? Only my lobes right now.
Do you like perfume & bathy type stuff? Not really.
What kind of snack foods/candy do you like? Anything vegan and healthy.
What are some of your hobbies? Doing art and collecting bones.
What do you collect? ...Bones.
What are your favorite colors? Orange and green.
What are your favorite scents and favorite flavors? Apple cider vinegar, honeysuckle and jasmine.
What type of music do you listen to? Some people say it's 'strange,' I say it's good. ;)
What is your hair color/eye color/skin tone? Brown/Hazel/Light olive-y
Do you have any particular things you can't get enough of? No, I'm not addicted to anything.
Are there any specific brands you covet? If only I could afford Ernte.
Additional interests/comments: Not at the moment.

I'd like to make some LJ friends as well as set up some pen pals/postcard/art card pals.
You can see some of the things I've done on my LJ blog, and much more at my Flickr.
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