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This is a community for LJ users to come together, and share packages with each other. Also, for swapping addresses, both home and email for pen pals and email pals, postcard pals, notebook pals, etc...
the moderator of this community is dragon102, If u have any problems contact her.

Package Buddie Survey Here


Do you collect anything?:

Do you like makeup & hair stuff:

jewlery? (any piercings?)

Do you like perfume & bathy type stuff:

1. What kind of snack foods/candy do you like?

2. What are some of your hobbies?

3. What do you collect?

4. What are your favorite colors?

5. What are your favorite scents and Favorite flavors: ?

6. What type of music do you listen to?

7. What is your hair color/eye color/skin tone?

8. Do you have any particular things you can't get enough of?

9. Are there any specific brands you covet?

10. Additional interests/comments:

all surveys are added to the memories section so you can refer back to them.
if yours is missed contact dragon102

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