E. Nigma (morbidlycurious) wrote in postpals,
E. Nigma

"Shit happens when you party naked."

Hey :) I'm Autavia and I was looking to befriend some LJers that I didn't know personally, to read about the lives of others and to get feedback on entries of my own.

The 60+ friends I already have are people I know personally, so I'd like a change up of sorts. I've heard from the people who read my LiveJournal that my entries are well written but I must state one warning: they're graphic and very descriptive in nature and more often than not, they surpass an R-rating for "adult situations" and so on.

I've written over 500 entries that have documented my life from sophomore year to senior year in high school, which will now be switching to my freshman year in college. Every entry is written in explicit detail of how I'm feeling at the moment and is basically written like a story so it's more readable.

If you're interested in being a friend of mine, either add me and leave me a comment on my LJ or comment here. I promise you won't be disappointed :)

If not, thanks for your time!
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