lindsay (x_lindsayw_x) wrote in postpals,

Name: x_lindsayw_x, or Lindsay is fine :)
Age: 23
Location: Tasmania, Australia
Do you collect anything?: Crystals, Tarot Decks, New Age Books, CD's, Cute Things, Insence, Candles
Do you like makeup & hair stuff: I love lip gloss and eye shadow!
jewlery? (any piercings?) Lots! Tongue, Lip, Neck, Ears (several) & Belly - so far!
Do you like perfume & bathy type stuff: I love bath stuff! Especially bath bombs and oils
1. What kind of snack foods/candy do you like? Anything that isn't licorish
2. What are some of your hobbies? Drawing, Art, Photography, Ghost Hunting, Breeding Rats & Mice
3. What do you collect? Crystals, Tarot Decks, New Age Books, CD's, Cute Things, Insence, Candles
4. What are your favorite colors? Blue, Black, Hot Pink, Red
5. What are your favorite scents and Favorite flavors: ? Lotus, Lavendar, Rose & Patchuli for scents and Chocolate & strawberry for flavours.
6. What type of music do you listen to? The Smashing Pumpkins, The Vines, Pink Floyd
7. What is your hair color/eye color/skin tone? Changes all the time, but usually darkish (like purple), blue eyes, pale skin
8. Do you have any particular things you can't get enough of? Suprizes!
9. Are there any specific brands you covet? Hello Kitty
10. Additional interests/comments: I've really been getting into Pink Floyd of late and I only have a few of their albums, so just about anything of theirs on CD or Vinyl would be great! I also love suprizes, so anything you can fit into an envelope that you think I will like, I will love!

I am happy to trade from your lists, but I also read tarot cards and do distant reiki readings, along with making a whole heap of hand made stuff. If you wish to trade and want to know more about what I make, then feel free to ask :)

I am also looking for new LJ Friends so if you want to add me, just let me know ♥

If you wish to suprize me, then feel free to veiw my interests if you are after ideas - x_lindsayw_x

I am also not fussy if the items are new or used either ♥

* Pink Floyd - The Wall (CD)
* Tarot Decks
* New Age Books - Ghosts, unexplained mystries, wicca, I like almost anything within the catogory
* Anything for my Rats & Mice

I also have a wishlist at Amazon that you can find by either clicking the link below, or serching my email address.

Amazon Wishlist
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